Thursday, August 4, 2016

Good 'Til the Last Sentence

How often do you read a book that keeps you rapt until the very last sentence? I can't give an exact amount of time but I'm going to guess that happens every now and then, which isn't to say I don't enjoy the ends of books. It's just rare that I'm on the last page and there's actually more story to read.

With that said, how rare is it to read two books in less than a week that don't end until the very last sentence? (I know that sounds weird, but book nerds know what I mean.)

Linda Fairstein's "Killer Look" and Camilla Way's "Watching Edie" couldn't be more different, the stories held my attention during the entire length of each book. You can go to the previous two blog posts to read my review of the books. You can also go to to hear my interviews with both writers.

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