Thursday, January 16, 2014

What I'm Reading ...

Sometimes I'll come across a line or a passage in a book I'm reading and I just can't wait until I'm finished to share it with people.

Right now I'm reading Chang-Rae Lee's "On Such a Full Sea" to get ready for Monday's interview. In a passage I read yesterday the narrator is discussing a main character's former profession, which has become obsolete in this future society. (The story takes place in the next century.)

The narrator goes on to explain that the reason for this person's job is gone "like the old-time writers who at some point found that very few people, if any, actually practiced reading anymore. But at least those writers had time, the change happening over many decades, until readers became rare enough that they were believed to be nearly extinct, like some twitchy, sensitive creatures who lingered in the twilight brush."

Think about that for a while.

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