Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Something for the Kids

Brad Meltzer, bestselling author and host of the History Channel's "Decoded," has started a new children's series of books called "Ordinary People Change the World."

The idea came to him when he was shopping for clothes for his young daughter and all he could find were shirts with princesses on them.

He knew there were better role models and heroes for his children to want to emulate so he had a friend draw a picture of Amelia Earhart and on the back Brad wrote, "I know no bounds." His daughter loved it, and the series was born.

Each book is a biography of a real American icon told in a simple, conversational way, always focusing on a character trait that made the person heroic and including a little-known story of the hero's childhood.

"I Am Amelia Earhart" and "I Am Abraham Lincoln" are the first books in the series. Brad plans books on Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, Lucille Ball, Neil Armstrong, Jackie Robinson and many others.

You can listen to my conversation with Brad here.

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