Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two for the Price of One

Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

Fear Nothing:

This is what a psychological thriller should be!

Part of the fun of reading a thriller is trying to figure out whodunit. I thought I had it figured out. Again. And again. And again. And yet again. Turns out I was right the second time but she duped me into thinking I wasn't. Then, I was so sure my fifth guess was right that even when the killer's identity was being revealed I was waiting for the twist that would prove I was right. She had me hook, line and sinker. But that's one of the things that makes this book so thoroughly enjoyable and almost impossible to put down.

Onto the story: Adeline and Shana are daughters of a notorious serial killer and, after his death, are put on different paths in life. Adeline is adopted by a doctor doing research on a genetic condition she has that doesn't allow her to feel pain. She grows up to be a psychiatrist. Shana is put in a series of foster homes until, at age fourteen, she is convicted of murdering a 12-year-old boy. In prison, she kills three more times and is destined to be locked up for the rest of her life.

Forty years after their father's death -- and 20 years after the sisters reconnect -- a serial killer emerges who is using part of their father's MO. Detective D.D. Warren, Adeline and others, at first think Shana may somehow be involved even though she is in solitary confinement.

The story from there takes several twists and turns that are as exhilarating as the scariest roller coaster ride you've ever been on. In my opinion, Lisa Gardner has written the perfect psychological thriller.

The Husband's Secret:

When I talked to the author she told me she got the idea while reading about deathbed confessions and coming across a man who wrote one, but didn't die.

That's kind of what happens in this story. Cecilia, the perfect wife, mother and Tupperware salesperson finds a letter from her beloved Jean-Paul that says it's to be opened in the event of his death. After struggling with whether she should open it or not (I admire her restraint. I would have ripped it open so fast!) she does and her world turns upside down. Many of her questions are answered as well and, even considering the circumstances and the secret, they are funny in a black humor sort of way.

But Cecilia isn't the only one dealing with changes. Tess -- my favorite character -- is dealing with the fact that her husband and business partner thinks he's in love with Tess's cousin, the once fat but now beautiful Felicity, who is also a business partner.

And there's Rachel, who is still dealing with the unsolved murder of her daughter, Janie. She thinks she knows who the killer is, and even thinks she has evidence. If she's right, Tess is now dating him.

The lives of the three women are entwined in such interesting ways and the author does a great job of keeping the action going -- even after we know the secret and think we've figured out a few more things.

This is a real page turner and I can hardly wait for her next book.

Both books get 5 of 5

How do you feel about either one, or both?

You can listen to my interviews with the authors here. Click on "Local Programs."

Note: I received a free copy of each book from the publicists.


  1. Looking forward to reading "Fear Nothing." Thanks for the review!

  2. Great interviews! I love your enthusiasm. I bought both books.